Limestone Network is a blockchain infrastructure for modern cities.
We called cities powered by Limestone Network, smart cities.

Smart City
We believe that to build a smart and efficient city, the city first needs to be understood. It starts by having a digital ecosystem that allows real time analysis of living and moving data. The end result is a greener city through optimal energy production, enhanced security via distributed ledger technology and an urban civilization that provides efficiency yet with simplicity.


As ardent technologist, the founders created Limestone Network with the vision to transform the long established real estate industry with smart digital capabilities.

The is achieved by integrating blockchain technology to the physical real estate assets. Thus forming a digital network that connects urban cities into the daily lives of the residents that exchanged information seamlessly in the background to bring convenience, efficiency and enhance security to their day to day business and life.
Eddie Lee
Chief Technology Officer
Global Tech Exchange

Eddie started his technology solutions company in 1998 and exited the business after a successful acquisition in 2014. During this short span of sixteen years, he was nominated as the most inspiring extrpreneurs by the Spirit of Enterprise Singapore and awards the 2012 Promising SME 500 Award by the Small Medium Business Association Singapore.

After the acquisition, he co-founded a crowdlending company in 2014...

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Jeremiah Lee
Managing Partner
Global Tech Exchange

The advancement of technology will play a key role in the disruption of real estate industry. As an early believer of technology, Jeremiah seeks to include state of technology into all his real estate projects as to ensure readiness and adoption of the digital age.

Jeremiah wears many hats in the corporate arena. In addition to being the founder of My Square Metre Pte Ltd, he is also the Managing Director of Kingsland Global Limited...

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Bernard Teo
Chief Creative Officer
Global Tech Exchange

A veteran in the Media & Entertainment industry for over 20 years, Bernard has witnessed the transformation of the media sphere including the digital disruption that came along with the rise of the Internet and mobile platforms. However, he believes that regardless, traditional media is not dead, and that the conversation should not be about the platform but the consumer.

With a firm resolution to ignite a conversation between brands...

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Amos Chen
Director Business Development (Taiwan)
Global Tech Exchange

He worked for Singapore and Taiwan real estate developers as the Taiwan Project Director and Deputy General Manager of Continental Branch and possesses eight-year experience as the chief lecturer. The network technology platform he founded in 2014 won the Top 100 Innovative Product Award of 2016 Information Monthly. He keeps being active in financial technology sector and is proposed as the board director of the Taiwan FinTech Association (TFTA). Moreover, he has been...

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Lawrence Chua
Chief Marketing Officer (Singapore)

Lawrence believes in startups. He is an early stage angel investor as well as business advisor to multiple startups that spanned industries such as Fintech, AI, Coal mining and Food Logistics. He helps startups go to market, scale, partner, improve their products and raise funds from the right sources...

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Ryan M.
Technology Architect

Arming more than 10 years of web development experiences, Ryan is the software architect of a Singapore’s P2P lending platform. Prior to his stint at SeedIn Technology Singapore, Ryan holds the position of Software Director for design and software development agency where he refined...

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Dennis J.
Architecture and Security

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of IT Industry specifically in Software development and Cyber security, Dennis is a Certified Ethical Hacker, OSCP, Certified Secured Developer form WhiteHat Security and a Blockchain Foundation Developer. Previously, Dennis works in the Philippines...

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Proposed Solution
Through the expertise of the team and their network in the industry, Limestone Technology aims to build a smart-city ecosystem for real estate developments and infrastructure across South East Asia

This will be accomplished through the digitalisation of the city via the development of a blockchain infrastructure - Limestone Network.

Our team envisioned Limestone Network to be the final solution that resolves existing challenges faced by governments, real estate developers and estate management service providers. When Limestone Network is implemented into a real estate project or existing infrastructure, we allow the facilities management to be taken to a simpler yet more secured level. Businesses, retail shops, building facilities, consumers, tourists and the daily visitors would be able to interact with each other in a smarter and more effective manner to provide a meaningful Smart City experience.


Digital Passport
Residents who work or reside in the city are required to register themselves with the Limestone mobile app. The submitted identities are then verified automatically through application programming interface (API) and added to the blockchain of Limestone Network.
Digital Wallet
Limestone digital wallet is setup to hold mutiple currencies of the solution providers within the cities. It will automatically be available to residents who have registered themselves over the digital passport. Residents will be able to make payment within the cities’ ecosystem.
With both physical and digital infrastructure to welcome third party, blockchain solutions, Limestone Network will partner with good blockchain projects by providing interoperability via the exchange for the Smart City.
Application Programming Interface (API) production
Limestone will invite third party developers and service providers to develop their blockchain applications on Limestone architecture to create a three-dimensional ecosystem to transfer contents and knowledge through an open API.

The Pilot Project

Limestone Network, an initiative of Global Tech Exchange, South East Asia real estate developer, will first be deployed in a city centre with up to 10,000 business tenants and 190,000 daily population, spanning across 20 hectares of work spaces, encompassing shopping malls, schools, retail outlets and housing the largest exhibition hall for business, it aims to be the financial hub, convention centre and go-to business place in the capital of Cambodia and thus giving this blockchian project a mandatory use case.
The concept of the Limestone Network (LSN), a blockchain technology application to a city development that creates an ecosystem that enables a secure and decentralized smart city environment.

This smart city development ecology is distinctively characterized by the extensive application of the blockchain technology. Relying on large amounts of data and other digital technologies, LSN aims to achieve a multi-faceted transformation of the urban ecosystem with intelligence and efficiency.


We prefer to keep the project private and have kept the information at its minimal.

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